Soggy World Cup So far – Is It really Dampening?


A Special feature article by Mushir Ahmed, twitter – @mush112

This cricket world cup has been like a soggy biscuit with a hot cup of tea. The tea is warm enough to cheer up the person drinking at the same when they take a bit of biscuit it can dampen their spirit – very much or too less – depends upon how much the user or drinker is attached with the biscuit alone.

The warm tea has been those cracking matches like England vs Pakistan, India vs Australia or Bangladesh vs New Zealand to name a few. The soggy biscuits have been like that of South Africa vs West Indies, Pakistan vs Sri Lanka or India vs New Zealand. How much these rained-out matches will affect the prospects of each team that we will come to know in coming few weeks of time.

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Of course rain has deprived some team of clear full points, but at the same time it has kept hopes of every team (except Afghanistan) alive. South Africa, had they lost against West Indies, they would be surely enjoying the tea in their backyard.

But the soggy biscuit, despite being stale in taste, has given them more than a hope. Also the same can be said for Sri Lanka. They pushed the accelerator against Australia, but the point gained against Pakistan has kept their slight hopes alive.

People have been cursing rain and the venues that has of course dampened their days when they would be all prepped up to see good cricket matches. But few fans may also be praying that rain help their team remain afloat in such a massive tournament.

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So, the so-called better format of the tournament gives each team a chance to come back and maybe, just maybe, a point gained from a rain-affected game could come in handy.

On the other hand, surely ICC and broadcasters must have lost lot of money and there are talks that ICC may want big companies to invest and research in the ways to develop something that can keep stadiums dry so that matches do not get canceled.

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ICC needs to understand that people will lose interest if this keeps happening in major tournaments.

Given the fact that cricket uses so much of technologies in making decisions , one big technological revolution should be introduced to cover stadiums in case of torrid and
harsh rains. In the era where other sports are hardly effected by natural phenomena, cricket cannot be left behind.

But given everything, this soggy World cup can actually make the tournaments interesting later on if the teams, who are afloat, make use of their opportunities– lets hope!

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