Liverpool FC and Football – An Emotional Story!

A special featured article on Liverpool FC by a Manchester United fan Kashif Nawaz, Twitter – @ksnf3000

Liverpool are without a doubt an iconic club with one of the most-heard songs in the game – You Will Never Walk Alone. No other club in Europe inspires generations more than them, which is a big compliment of how they are affecting the game in the most positive manner.

The Reds are the most successful English club when it comes to Champions League. They won it the sixth time two weeks back, defeating fellow English club Tottenham in the final.

Jurgen Klopp’s men, who also reached the final of last year’s UCL and fell short due to uncontrollable circumstances, delivered one of the performances of any era to beat Barcelona in the semifinal of this year’s competition.

Three-nil down after the first leg at Camp Nou despite dominating the game there, and without two of their star players (Salah and Firmino) for the second leg at Anfield, Liverpool did it using the power of Anfield, that drove the players to think of performing the miracle and actually complete it inside 90 minutes.

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Lionel Messi at Anfield on that horror night for Barcelona

Looking at the context of that game, Lionel Messi, the great Lionel Messi, was asked after the first leg whether the tie was over. The great Argentine was very assertive in replying that this ain’t over. He probably said that with the knowledge of Anfield and Liverpool combining to have the potential of achieving anything.

Messi feared the worst and the inevitable happened. Barcelona looked blown away from the first second and never seemed to have control of the tie, in spite of having a three-goal cushion to start the second leg off.

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Why Liverpool are different than most clubs

Here’s the question – what sets Liverpool apart from most clubs in the game? Is it because they have history on their side? Or is it because the European royalty they possess?

The answer though, lies in the way their manager Jurgen Klopp works at the club.

Looking down the memory lane, this decade started with Roy Hodgson taking charge of the club. And as most anticipated, it turned out to be a massive flop. Their second permanent manager of the decade was Brendan Rodgers, who despite having limited resources did a good job.

During the 2013/14 season, he almost won the league for Liverpool and managed probably one of the best teams in English football. However, after Luis Suarez’s departure and Steven Gerrard’s twilight, the Irishman couldn’t build a side that was capable to repeat the nearly heroics of 2013/14.

As a result, he was eventually sacked in October of 2015.

Image result for klopp
Jurgen Klopp after winning first UCL for Liverpool
In came Jurgen Klopp, after three months of sabbatical after leaving Dortmund and ready for the next challenge. His first words to Liverpool fans were – “Let’s change, from doubter to believer.”

In almost four years time, the German has not only instiled a sense of belief in every Liverpool fan, he has built a team around a strong core of players who are still young and have loads of playing years left.

Furthermore, his style of management and the ability to read what the city wants makes him a perfect manager of this football club.

For that reason, time and time again, we end up saying – Klopp and Liverpool, A bond made in heaven!

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