A perspective and preview of the Liverpool game by a Man United fan


A special featured article written by a die hard Manchester United fan – Kashif Nawaz (@ksnf3000)

Manchester United and Liverpool – Two of the most iconic clubs that define the English Premier League.

One of them – winner of countless titles; located at the Theatre of Dreams. the other – a team dazzling in its past history and glory. However, this article is not a comparison of these two great sides.

This article is not about which team has a greater footballing depth and history towards its side or the memorable matches and iconic goals it has produced. This is about Manchester United vs Liverpool today, 24th February, 2019 at Old Trafford.

So, why so much of interest in this particular match? Removing the stats and technicalities, let’s look at this from a pure fan’s perspective. And who better than me, a pure United fan since 1999.

I grew up watching the Class of ’92 take the game away from their opponents from the worse of scenarios; completely turning any game. Trophies, cups, accolades and honours; you name it; we had it. And then the inevitable happened; Sir Alex retired.

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The man who brought light into the Theatre of Dreams waved good bye and we were just dumbstruck. Then it all started. The Chosen One (Moyes); the Self-Anointed One (van Gaal) and finally the Special One (Mourinho).

Mindless transfers, mind-numbing results and yes, the Football. The style and subtlety we all loved was replaced with…Oh God, let’s not get into that discussion.

And then there was Liverpool. Nothing substantial for the past two decades (of course, the ’04 final) but then, nothing much worth mentioning. However, just as when United fans started getting desperate for results and the nostalgia of those days started creeping back in, Liverpool suddenly looked reinvigorated, rejuvenated and a different team worth taking much seriously.

Sturridge, Suarez and Sterling had almost won the League for the Reds. Now, under their dynamic manager – Jurgen Klopp; the Kop feels so much entertaining again. We will not go into the technical details of Klopp’s performance so far; we leave that to the analysts but hate to admit that – ManUtd fans wanted to see what Klopp is showing at the Kop.

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And so we reach the present. United, after going through all the Ones’ finally seem to land The One – Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. The man who won us the ’99 final. The Super-Sub. The boy who studied with the Master. He epitomises Man Utd as much as Giggs, Scholes, Vidic and Beckham. And he’s proving it.

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So when he faces Klopp at the Theatre of Dreams, we are expecting a dazzling football display of equals. A fight worth fighting for. Liverpool fighting for the League; United fighting to stay in the top four and maintaining an unbeaten Premier League run. Let the best team win!

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