Alexa – The New Football Coach For 2019 and the upcoming years?


A Special feature article written by Shane Radcliffe

I never quite really understood football but it doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy the game. In fact, I share my enthusiasm like any other fan. Oh! And it also doesn’t mean I don’t have a favorite or don’t follow the news.

Somehow, this oh-so-glorious game has always dodged me and tricked me into believing that it is just not my sport. At times I feel like an outsider when we are watching a match. More than often I have called out for not knowing the jargon and terms of the game. No friend wants to explain while they are enjoying the game and something that I don’t understand ruins the entire game for me.

I feel left out when a group of colleagues discuss the last game at breaks. It’s not like I haven’t watched it the real problem is I have watched it but since I can’t name everything related to football properly my two cents are never considered.

What Alexa Does

Not anymore, I guess my lonely days are over because now there is an app to answer all my questions and coach me. Alexa gives me confidence that not only I will know all about the sport, but there will also be a day when I will even be playing it with all authority, and that too in the near future.

This amazing thing can not only keep you updated about the upcoming games, but you can even ask all the weird football-related questions. The best part is the convenience of this app. There is no need to type away the entire query and then read the answer. You just have to say it out loud, whatever thoughts you are having (stick to football only, please).

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It means that if I have received valid discount codes for the tickets of an upcoming match, I don’t have to think twice. I will Grab the opportunity and enjoy to the most with Alexa by my side. I use to let go many discounts only because going alone means not understanding a lot of the match only to return miserable, but now I am excited about the games.

The Dream Game Assistant

The Alexa speaker is the best football assistant a nuisance game would require. If you have missed out on scores, ask Alexa, and you’ll be sorted in no time. The facts, stats, and quite literally everything is available just at the movement of your lips (no, I am not trying to romanticize the app here).

Detail Information Is Available

Even the historical data about any player or a team can be accessed through this genius idea. It means next time I don’t have to nudge the person sitting beside me during the game to make sense of the references about veteran players. I’ll just ask my best game bud, Alexa.

Sometimes, the app struggles with the wording when it is too complicated. At times like that, I try to rephrase what I am asking, and it usually works after a few attempts.

Rookie’s Guide To The NFL

The National Football League (NFL) recognized the app and collaborated with it. A new skill has been launched under this collaboration which will guide the people to understand the sport while watching it. This is like a dream come true for the casual fans.

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The Rookie’s Guide to the NFL is now available for the fans to take advantage. It was made available just ahead of the playoffs for this season. No timing could be better for the launch of this skill as many casual fans join the bandwagon of football craze during the season.

The guide can elaborate 2,000 terminologies related to players, formations, rules, positions, and several other important aspects of the sport. Viewers watching the game no longer require to get confused by the terms thrown at them regularly by the commentators. Not only fans can ask questions as the action unfolds they can also use a ‘go long’ command for detailed information about the particular query.

This is the first NFL venture into the voice-enabled apps. This command feature is available outside the U.S too. The explanation is not the only thing to get out of this guide; it also has a five-minute weekly podcast to preview games with audio and insight about the upcoming matches.

This marks the latest attempt of the NFL to improve viewer experience. According to the vice president of engineering, media services, NFL, Dan Hogan, NFL thought its viewers have a microphone, screen, and a speaker, so, they may want to use it.

Apart from the Rookie’s Guide to the NFL, there is a lot more to Alexa. The skills catalogue has answers to all the football trivia questions a casual or a die-hard fan may have. Even the inquiries like the height and age of the players are not unanswered by this almost magical app.

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Yahoo Sports Fantasy Football

Even Yahoo launched a skill for Alexa previous year, Yahoo Sports Fantasy Football. It shows the fantasy standings of the players since 2014 and other information. For the fantasy football fixes, you can ask Alexa.

It Coaches Through Games

The app also offers football related games to make you better understand the tactics and strategies of a game. Football Mania is a strategy game which is an audio-only game while Sports Jeopardy is the best game to play between the real matches.

All of these games are able to coach a newbie into a strong player. This app has to be the ultimate football coach for 2019. For me, it is already a coach, and I am loving every bit of it. I always wanted to know more before going into the field and starting out. Therefore, Alexa is the ideal trainer I could ask for.

How It Works

The app uses input from the users to determine what type of information it needs to focus on. Which is a smart way to stay on top of things always. The app would always have information that people search for regularly. It means all the hot topics will be covered as people tend to search them and Alexa will be fed that information.

Bottom Line

There seems no end to the innovation that can be added to the app. Who would have thought before the wonders of Alexa that you can do so much during the match without missing on anything?

It is the future of football, and it will enhance the experience of the fans on a greater scale. It is a wise move since youngsters are getting tired of monologues be it sports or otherwise, a little activity is a must.

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