Should Weather Conditions Be Taken Into Account In Big ICC Events?


The ICC Champions Trophy 2017 is taking place in England just like in 2013. There is no doubt the UK is a beautiful place with people living from all over the world. The concern is the venues chosen by ICC or anyone related to this massive tournament. In addition, weather issues remain persistent.

Venue selection not matching standards of the Event:-

Edgbaston, Cardiff and the Oval were the chosen venues for this event back in 2013. It was pretty clear rains affected the scenario back then. The stadiums like Edgbaston and Cardiff accommodating merely over 15,000 people didn’t help the cause.

We all know in the early English summer, rains make an impact in cricket. Everyone knew that but still, they persisted having the same country to host the event in 2017. ICC Champions Trophy is considered tougher than the World Cup in many ways. The top 8 teams battling it out for the crown of the champions. It needs full games to have better competition.

England were a bit unlucky in 2013 when the final was reduced to 20 overs. This helped India in many ways having more of a chance with fewer overs just because the hosts were favourites if the full match would have taken place. Similarly, both Australia and New Zealand have been robbed of victories with rain lashing out matches in 2017.

Australia may consider themselves more unlucky. They have played two half games in which one was a sure winner. They were just 4 overs away to get a win yesterday. On the same counts, New Zealand were dominating Australia before rain in Birmingham cut short the excitement.

There is rain forecast for many upcoming days in the tournament. The weather just can’t be controlled. Despite knowing the fact that previously it was tough, they continued to give England a chance to host.

I would not say it is a baffling decision. But, it is hard to understand given the fact that we have India, South Africa, etc. countries which can also host these tournaments. In addition, the standard of venues selected is a bit worrying too. There are stadiums like Old Trafford, Lords, etc basking in the summer of England.

With no disrespect to Edgbaston and Cardiff especially, it is clearly understood that they are not fit enough standard wise to host matches of this magnitude. Why not use Lords and Old Trafford? Why are they saved for the test series? Have more venues and host 3 matches per venue as it is a short tournament, nothing will be disrupted.

These were few questions still left answered from last time around. Many said Champions Trophy deserve the respect of high stake. With these washouts and rain-shorten games, the sheen of a big event is getting diluted. Will the ICC do something about it?

ICC World Cup 2019 in England too:-

We have to bear in mind that the ICC World Cup 2019 will also be held in the UK during the same time. Forecasts won’t change much two years from now. It is a concern which needs sorting out by the ICC. Having rain-affected games will continue to affect the standard of performances.





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