Friday, January 24, 2020


Game of Football Involves Math and Creates a Statistic

Information That Shows a Regular Pattern of Performance

Not another football website! With so much statistics and data already filling up the sites, why do we need another website? Simple. To make sense of the game as it was played. We, at Spobits, analyze the game from a highly tactical perspective…the important moves…those small menacing passes…the curvaceous crosses….the moments where you shout from your couch, “He should have passed”…those small mistakes which seem unnoticed until they end up in the opposition’s back net. Those are the tactics. The moves. Combine this with some statistics, and you have an awesome feel about the whole match! Welcome to Spobits. Analyze the match. Find some news. Some tactical and some not-so-tactical perspectives from both inside and outside the game! Wish you a Happy reading!!

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